• Mar 11, 2014
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Take a Walk on the Wild Side - Exotic Hardwood Floors

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Sometimes you crave something unique for your home. When it comes to flooring, it may seem like unique is hard to find. But, you don’t have to get lots in the sea of beige carpets and oak hardwood floors. There’s a category of hardwood flooring referred to as Exotics.

Exotic Hardwood

This category includes floors made from materials like bamboo, cork and lesser known woods like Brazilian Cherry. With these materials you’ll get beautiful, distinct grains, new color variations and unique patterns.

Exotic hardwood floors can be stunning in a home. You even may find it hard to cover them up with a rug. Here’s some exotic flooring inspiration from the Voyager Collection available at Carpet One Floor & Home.

Marseilles Floor from the Voyager Collection

The variation in color in this bamboo floor makes a bold statement. Marseilles from the Voyager Collection.


Barley Floor from the Voyager Collection

Cork is great for more than just wine bottles…like this floor – Barley Mill from the Voyager Collection.


Millis Floor form the Voyager Collection

Two-tones of cork flooring create a look that’s truly unique. Millis from the Voyager Collection.


Overture Floor from the Voyager Collection

This bamboo look is serene a bedroom. Overture from the Voyager Collection.


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